A quick post announcing the RV TDI S' z-score calculator.

Today I added a reference and calculation for RV tissue Doppler z-scores (for children). This calculator uses the 2012 data from Koestenberger et al., and is only for the s' wave— which they adoringly termed TAPSV, or "tricuspid annular peak systolic velocity".

This is a very simple lookup, using the data table provided in the manuscript. I used their ±2 SD data to calculate the appropriate SD and thus the z-score. Minor differences in the results generated here versus the text can be attributed to the fact that I use ±1.96 for the ranges...

Later in 2013 the same group published data for pre-term infants, thus broadening the utility of this calculation. Before I incorporate their new data I will have to think about how to deal with the "age" of the patient as my current implementation starts at "zero"—as in "day of life 1"—without regard to the term.