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10 Aug 2023

Mostly a test post to make sure I can update the site...

10 May 2019

Wherein we are introduced to the OMAM (Optimized Multivariable Allometric Model). This one is for our long-suffering ACHD brethern.

06 Mar 2018

Wherein I bother Leo Lopez with some tedious questions.

12 Feb 2018

Presenting a Valentine's Edition re-make of the Aortic Valve Z-Score Smackdown.

26 Jul 2017

A letter to the authors results in a published correction. Bam.

11 Feb 2017

I could not make the calculations work the way the authors of a recent manuscript intended, so I improvised.

19 Jan 2017

A few thoughts for your consideration concerning age-adjusted z-scores of pulmonary artery acceleration time.

14 Jul 2016

A new batch of coronary artery z-score equations and a new smackdown.

15 Aug 2015

I almost got excited about z-scores for fetal modified MPI

13 Aug 2015

The famous and celebrated Boston Pediatric Echo Z-Scores, now on the web.

20 Apr 2015

A Parameterz.googlecode code relic I am going to hold on to: BSA equations

18 Apr 2015

With the announcement that Google is shutting down their code hosting site, I can finally let go of some embarrasing code.

08 Mar 2015

New aortic valve, sinus of Valsalva, and ascending aorta z-score data

08 Feb 2015

Chamber diameter and area z-scores based on Cantinotti et al., JASE Dec. 2014

17 Jan 2015

Newborn RV size and function data based on Jain et al., JASE 2014.

29 Nov 2014

Miscellaneous helper calculations for echocardiography.

20 Mar 2014

Feature requests: "use BSA" and "more TDI data".