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Rajagopal et al., Ped Card 2018

BSA-adjusted z-scores of right atrial area, measured using planimetry/tracing. Areas are adjusted for body size using allometric equations (allometric exponents are different for children on either side of 1m2).

We hope that this study will pave way for a gradual paradigm shift to more quantitative approaches for the assessment of RA size and allow clinicians to better incorporate assessment of the right heart into an echocardiographic evaluation.

Patient Demographics





Note: the study population had the following characteristics:
  • age range: (0 - 18)
  • bsa range: (0.19 - 2.05)

Data entered for patients outside of these limits should be used with caution.

Rajagopal H, Uppu SC, Weigand J, Lee S, Karnik R, Ko H, Bhatla P, Nielsen J, Doucette J, Parness I, Srivastava S.
Pediatr Cardiol. 2018 Jun;39(5):892-901.